Dec 6, 2013

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Whimsically Fab Specs by kensie girl

Calling all girly girls! Looking whimsically fabulous has never been easier with specs from kensie girl’s latest eyewear collection! Trust us, it’s got everything you need to feel super fun, flirty and, of course, youthful! With splashy signature hues—like hot and pale pink, rich purple and vibrant green—your peepers are sure to pop in these glasses! To boot, besides their updated vintage-inspired wayfarer, oval and rounded rectangular silhouettes, they’re bursting with fanciful details—think striped and heart temple patterns, color blocking and translucent finishes! Obsessed with what you see, tween-tastic gals? Get even more deets here!

kensie girl (stripes) in various colorations, kensie girl (darling), kensie girl (secret)



  1. These are really fab specs! Very chic-like. And I feel these would be awesome for season wear. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us!

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