Feb 28, 2014

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Reptile Sunnies Radiate Vintage Island Charm

As their namesake implies, the latest Reptile sunnies are fittingly inspired by reptiles native to the glorious Galapagos Islands, but with a retro spin. Showcasing an animalistic palette of black, deep brown, tortoise, and metallic gold and copper, these shades offer up true nature-inspired appeal. Meanwhile, old-school round, aviator and rectangular silhouettes, not to mention antique accents—like engraved detailing and filigree finishes—add touches of gorgeously aged charm to the collection. Get more deets on these sunglasses, suited for vintage islanders everywhere, here!


Reptile Sun (Darwin), Reptile Sun (Rabida), Reptile Sun (Wolf), Reptile Sun (Pinzon), Reptile Sun (Santiago)


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