May 2, 2014

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Columbia: Glasses Crafted for Active Go-Getters

Let’s face it, guys. If you’re an active, go-gettin’ kind of dude, you’re gonna need specs that’ll travel with you during all your adventurous pursuits. Columbia‘s “Weston Peak” and “Lassen Peak” styles are perfect for varying quests, whether you’re embarking on a badass outdoor excursion or simply off on an urban commute. Boasting stainless steel frames, and super lightweight H90-injected temples with Gripol rubber inserts, these glasses combine strength, comfort and durability for the ultimate fit! To boot, they’re named after super cool places visited by hardcore Columbia lovahs! Weston Peak is located in central Colorado near Pike National Forest, while Lassen Peak is the second tallest mountain in northern California and is considered an active volcano, as it erupted 100 years ago. How sweet is that? Get even more deets here.

Columbia (Weston Peak), Columbia (Lassen Peak)

Columbia (Weston Peak), Columbia (Lassen Peak)

  1. Columbia glasses are just simply stunning! I for one, wouldn’t mind trying all of them just to see how they look on me. Thanks for sharing this great post with us.

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