Jul 1, 2014

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Costa Sunglasses for Fashionably Active Gals

With bold sporty silhouettes and chic pigments at the forefront, the latest Costa Sunglasses were simply made for fashionably active gals everywhere! Angular cat-eye, oversized butterfly and sleek rectangular profiles—all boasting athletic vibes—are perfect for lively babes who have an eye for high style! To boot, soft tan, vibrant poppy red and ocean blue hues, not to mention super cool two-toned effects, colored lenses and striped patterns, put these sunnies over the edge—but in a good way, of course! Ladies, get even more must-have deets here.

 Costa Sunglasses (Pluma), Costa Sunglasses (Sea Fan), Costa Sunglasses (Starfish)

Costa Sunglasses (Pluma), Costa Sunglasses (Sea Fan), Costa Sunglasses (Starfish)

  1. I have never checked out a blog, until this week when I had to do so for a college class. I checked this one out because I love my Costa’s and found your blog well written and informative. Thanks for a blog that caught my attention, and I will definitely be back to look at more of your blogs.

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