Feb 6, 2013

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Switch Vision Adds More Sporty Spunk

Switch Vision was already fabulous and full of sporty spunk. But now, with two new striking sunwear styles added to the mix, it’s even more spec-tacular. The latest Axo and Lynx shades maintain the brand’s athletic vibe, while infusing fresh features for a slightly updated look.

Like the rest of the sunnies from the line, these frames were uniquely designed for the both guys and gals with one thing in mind: seeking adventure. They’re lightweight. They’ll protect your peepers. Plus, they’re super trendy. Crafted in solid and translucent colorations—with hues like smoke and blue gray, jet black, crisp white, darkened tortoise and apple green—these wraparound sunglasses are sure to bring flair to any adrenaline-pumping activity.

Check out more exciting details about these sunnies—like interchangeable magnetic lenses, additional lenses especially for low-light conditions, and polarized and RX options—at www.switchvision.com.

From top to bottom: Switch Vision (Lynx) and Switch Vision (Axo)



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